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    Insurance Approved Security Shutters

    The Secure Level 1 extruded aluminium slat is for higher security domestic use and medium security for commercial, retail and counter/cabinet applications. For applications up to 4000mm wide when electrically operated.

    Unlike other certificated shutters, this shutter uses a 38mm double-walled extruded aluminium slat, which coils very tightly into a range of compact boxes (165mm-250mm), minimising their visual impact.

    • Secure - locking is provided automatically from the motor and bottom rail shoot locks or bullet locks to the side guides
    • Compact - housings from 165mm-250mm dependent on shutter height


    • BSEN 13241-1- : 2003

    Tech Info

    • Min width: 900mm
    • Max size: 3m w x 4m h
    • Max area: 12m2
    • Weight: 8kg/m2

    Roller Head Plate Sizes

    • Height 1000mm > 1500mm -> 165mm
    • Height 1600mm > 1900mm -> 180mm
    • Height 2000mm > 2600mm -> 205mm
    • Height 2600mm > 4000mm -> 250mm

    Standard Specification

    • 38mm extruded aluminium curtain
    • Guide rails 70mm x 27mm
    • Bottom rail lock or side guide rail locks
    • Guardian Safe 24 volt control unit (electric operation)
    • Anti-fall device
    • Hold to run operation (electric operation)
    • Plug-in operation (electric operation)

    Colour Finish

    • Polyester powder coat finish to BS colour or RAL number
    • Range of corporate branding packages including full colour graphics
    • Mill finish
    • Galvanised

    General Options

    Protective Bollards

    Angle Protection

    Coil Casing

    Fitting Configurations

    • Face fit
    • Reveal fit


    Security Gates


    Keyswitch Lockbox

    Ground Locks

    Anti-Tamper Controller

    Anti-Ram Bollards

    Bottom Rail Lock


    Warning Lights

    Battery Backup

    Reflected Photoelectric Cell

    S/R Photoelectric Cell

    Safety Pressure Edge Wired

    Operation & Controls



    Group Control

    Fire Brigade Switch

    Push Buttons

    Biometric Controls

    Standard Fire Door Interface Panel

    Smoke & Heat Detector

    Access Control Relay

    RFID Radio Controls

    • Remote Control - Hold to run
    • Remote Control - One touch operation
    • GSM Access
    • Software/network connection
    • Wind sensor
    • Sun sensor
    • Fire alarm activation


    • Manual operation
    • Rod crank operation
    • Belt operation

    Peace of Mind Warranties

    All Guardian products are guaranteed against defect of material or workmanship by Guardian Doors, subject to correct maintenance and operation, for a period of 12 months from the date of installation. We offer extended warranties for up to 5 years with an agreed maintenance contract. Call us on 0800 7836602 for more details.

    Business Hours

    Monday - Friday
    8:00 to 17:00
    Saturday - Sunday

    Our 24 hour emergency repair service is available every day - call 0800 7836602

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