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    Self-repairing high speed door ideal for fast and frequently used passages

    The Zip is intended as a fast, user-friendly partitioning of spaces and provides energy saving, draught exclusion and climate control resulting in significant energy savings. The self-lubricating rails reduce interruptions, guaranteeing minimal delay in your production process.

    • Self repairing
    • Spring loaded zipper closure keeps the door curtain under tension
    • Soft (Soft-Edge) bottom beam
    • Safety first with standard light curtain

    Variants available:

    • Zip Cleanroom with Wind Class 3 and special seals for optimal protection
    • Zip Emergency Exit for optimal safety
    • Zip ISO for cold rooms


    • EN13241 compliant

    Tech Info

    • Mains voltage LNPE~230V/50Hz/16AT
    • IP65 protection
    • Max consumed power 1.5kW

    Standard Specification

    • Max opening speed 2m/s
    • Max closing speed 0.5m/s
    • Max size 4500mm x 4500mm
    • Integrated light curtain

    Colour Finish

    • Door curtain is available in RAL colours 5002, 5005, 9005, 9016, 7038, 3002, 2004, 1003 and 6026
    • Steel guides and top cover are galvanized steel as standard but can be powder coated to any RAL colour

    Structural Provisions

    • A flat mounting frame and the necessary mounting space must be available
    • Within a radius of 500 mm of where the control unit without frequency control will be positioned there must be a wall socket: CEE-form blue, 1 x 230V fused, slow operation 16A fitted with a circuit-breaker of at least 300 mA
    • The control box usually is fitted on the drive side, at a height of approx. 1500 mm from the floor

    General Options

    Protective Bollards

    Angle Protection

    Coil Casing

    Fitting Configurations

    • Face fit
    • Reveal fit


    Anti-Ram Bollards


    Laser Safety Sensor

    Warning Lights

    Battery Backup

    Traffic Lights

    Reflected Photoelectric Cell

    S/R Photoelectric Cell

    Safety Pressure Edge Wired

    Drive Motor Options

    High Speed FI Drive

    Operation & Controls




    Magic Switch


    Level 2 Control Panel

    Level 3 Control Panel


    Mushroom Push Button

    Fire Brigade Switch

    Push Buttons

    Smoke & Heat Detector

    Access Control Relay

    Biometric Controls

    Industrial Remote Control

    RFID Radio Controls

    Standard Fire Door Interface Panel

    • Remote control - One touch operation
    • GSM access
    • Software/network connection
    • Wind sensor
    • Sun sensor
    • Fire alarm activation

    Business Hours

    Monday - Friday
    8:00 to 17:00
    Saturday - Sunday

    Our 24 hour emergency repair service is available every day - call 0800 7836602

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