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    Maximum visibility, high security

    The clean, attractive lines of the CLEAR WAVE sliding grille make it the most popular style of storefront closure in shopping centres.

    Clear, wide polycarbonate inserts give an unobstructed view of displayed merchandise and store interior design, while providing a protective barrier against theft and intrusion. Polycarbonate not only protects areas from direct intruder blows but, keeps all arms and objects out of the store property.


    Side acting top hung sliding folding grille


    Curtain constructed of 1.83mm x 152mm 6063 aluminium alloy panels. Panels framed by full height butt hinges on 178mm centres, full height between top and bottom closure panels. Glazing panel is made of 3.2mm x 152mm wide, clear, self-extinguishing Lexan panels in co-extruded neoprene. PVC gaskets and aluminium panels (framed by full height butt hinges on 178mm centres). Fire retardant insert is available on request to comply with class 0 and class 1 requirement.

    Tracks & Trolleys


    33mm x 46mm extruded aluminum section with continuous recess for splice tongues and pins. Standard curves are available with 254mm or 356mm radius. Custom radius curved track is available to suite most conditions.


    29mm diameter nylon tired ball bearing wheels; two wheel assembly at each hanger; three wheel assembly at all vertical members.


    Standard factory finishes are 10 micron clear anodizing, K1285 (white), K70632 (light bronze), K71232 (medium bronze) or K90421 (black) Duracron acrylic paint. Optional acrylic paint is available upon request to match RAL Colours (Consult factory). For class 0 or class 1 required, anodized finish is available.


    Manual push/pull operation.

    Locking Options

    The grille incorporates 33mm x 62mm vertical posts spaced not to exceed 3000mm on center and located at each curve. Lead posts utilize concealed, masterkeyable cylinder operated hook-bolt with lock operable from both sides of curtain or optional thumb turn cylinder lock operable from tenant side of curtain that engages a full height wall channel. Intermediate posts provided with concealed, masterkeyable cylinder operated bottom ratcheted drop bolts with lock operable from interior or exterior side of the opening. Posts with drop bolts include dust proof stainless steel floor sockets.

    The locking knobs are manufactured with heavy-duty aluminum construction.

    The locking posts have a unique self-adjusting locking rod with 6 different positions of adjustments to allow for deflections in bulkheads and irregularities in finished flooring. This post allows replacing or servicing of the locking post without removing the entire door. Also lead and end posts have special softly padded astragals that prevent damage too adjacent finished such as glass or mirror pocket doors and columns.

    Weight & Stacking

    Grille weight is approximately 11 kg/m2. Grille support must be able to carry the weight of a fully stacked door at any point along its length.

    Minimum stacking is 87.5mm/metre of opening plus 89mm per locking member (consult factory for critical project specific stack dimensions).

    General Upgrades

    Pocket Doors

    Factory supplied pocket doors are an available option with all side-folding units. Pocket doors stop at the underside of the track and look better aesthetically when the track is recessed in the ceiling or soffit. Pocket doors and frames are fabricated from A36 HR steel, USS 12-gauge. Hinges are 76.2mm non-mortise type. Lock is a 25.4mm security mortise cylinder. Standard finish is a phosphate treatment followed by a light gray baked-on polyester powder coat; minimum 0.065mm cured film thickness. Optional RAL colors are available.

    Emergency Egress Doors

    Emergency egress doors are an available option on Guardian side-folding grilles. Egress doors to be fabricated from the same material and pattern as the grille curtain and be provided with a thumb turn lock on the secure side of the opening.

    Peace of Mind Warranties

    All Guardian products are guaranteed against defect of material or workmanship by Guardian Doors, subject to correct maintenance and operation, for a period of 12 months from the date of installation. We offer extended warranties for up to 5 years with an agreed maintenance contract. Call us on 0800 7836602 for more details.

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    Our 24 hour emergency repair service is available every day - call 0800 7836602

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