• EI60-EW60 Fire Shutter
  • EI60-EW60 Fire Shutter
  • EI60-EW60 Fire Shutter


    60 min Insulation and Integrity rated fire and smoke resistant roller shutters

    Fire-resistant roller shutters offer an excellent solution for closing off or compartmentalising premises such as government agencies, shopping centres and, of course, various industrial applications in a fire-safe manner.

    Partly thanks to its high fire-resistance of 60 minutes (in accordance with the El(1) requirement) based on two-sided testing in accordance with EN1634–1.

    The fire-resistant roller shutter is also available with a certified liquid barrier, explosion-proof (ATEX) components and is even available entirely ATEX marked, so that the shutter provides an excellent solution for areas where hazardous substances are stored.

    The fire-resistant roller shutter has successfully undergone two sided smoke resistance testing in accordance with EN 1634-3 at both Sa 20 (cold smoke at approx. 20 degrees Ccelsius) and Sm 200 (hot smoke at approx. 200 degrees celsius).

    Explanation of Fire Rating Symbols

    Integrity & Insulation
    E - Integrity This is the ability of a test component to stop fire from spreading to an unexposed side as a result of penetration of flames or smoke.
    I - Insulation This is the ability of a test component to restrict the temperature rise of the non-heated side to below specified levels during the fire, which is not more than +140°C up to +180°C.
    Integrity & Radiation Reduction
    E - Integrity This is the ability of a test component to stop fire from spreading to an unexposed side as a result of penetration of flames or smoke.
    W – Reduction of thermal radiation This is the ability of a test component to resist fire exposure on one side only, so as to reduce the probability of the transmission of fire as a result of significant radiated heat either through the element or from its unexposed surface to neighbouring objects.

    All of the above parameters are followed by a time limit in minutes. The number after a given symbol shows the time the performance criteria is fulfilled during a standardised fire test, eg. EI120, EW60, etc.


    • BS EN 1634-1:2014
    • BS EN 1634-3:2004

    Tech Info

    • Max width: 10000mm
    • Max height: 10000mm
    • Max area: 50m2

    Curtain Construction

    The door curtain of the fire-resistant roller shutter is constructed from 60mm thick galvanised, double walled steel slats. The slats consist of two 0.80mm thick profiled, galvanised steel sheets, filled with mineral insulation. The underside of the curtain is finished with a galvanised steel profile, attached to the bottom slat of the curtain by steel rivets. The slats are finished with galvanised steel end locks on both sides. The slats are fitted with a unique click-system that allows the slats to be mounted and unmounted at a 90 degree angle.

    Side Guide

    The side guides are constructed from galvanised steel guides and a corner section, which are both fitted with intumescent material.

    Movement System

    The movement system is composed of two galvanised steel brackets on which the tube is mounted. The brackets are fastened to the wall with bolts and locking plates.

    To ensure the stability of the movement system, a galvanised steel diagonal brace is fitted to the ends of the brackets. The drive shaft that rolls the curtain up and down is located between the brackets.

    The fire resistant roller shutters come standard with a 400V chain wheel motor. If the dimensions of the fire resistant roller shutter are small, a 230V tubular motor can be fitted. The roller shutters are fitted with a control unit and safety brake as standard. If the fire-resistant roller shutter is fitted with a chain wheel motor, an optional fail-safe drive system can be installed to close the shutter in a controlled manner using gravity in the event of power failure. For fire-resistant roller shutters with a tubular motor, an emergency backup battery can be optionally installed to allow the shutter to continue operating in the event of power failure.

    Colour Finish

    • Polyester powder coat finish to BS colour or RAL number
    • Range of corporate branding packages including full colour graphics
    • Stainless steel

    General Options

    Protective Bollards

    Angle Protection

    Fitting Configurations

    • Face fit
    • Reveal fit


    Warning Lights

    Battery Backup

    Reflected Photoelectric Cell

    S/R Photoelectric Cell

    Safety Pressure Edge Wired

    • Illuminated status indicators

    Operation & Controls

    Mushroom Push Button

    Fire Brigade Switch

    Push Buttons

    Biometric Controls

    Access Control Relay

    RFID Radio Controls

    • Remote Control - Hold to run
    • GSM Access
    • Software/network connection
    • Wind sensor
    • Sun sensor
    • Fire alarm activation

    Activation Methods

    The primary activation method for fire shutters is via the main fire alarm system. The signal from the fire alarm is routed via one of the below control units, giving the shutter a command to close.

    In situations where there is no main fire alarm panel we can provide a standalone system that activates the fire alarm via one of the methods below as indicated with a * (please note for a standalone system an Audio Visual FDI panel is required).

    Standard Fire Door Interface Panel

    FCP03 Audio Visual Panel

    EMC3B Audio Visual Panel

    Smoke & Heat Detector*

    Fusible Link*

    Peace of Mind Warranties

    All Guardian products are guaranteed against defect of material or workmanship by Guardian Doors, subject to correct maintenance and operation, for a period of 12 months from the date of installation. We offer extended warranties for up to 5 years with an agreed maintenance contract. Call us on 0800 7836602 for more details.

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    Our 24 hour emergency repair service is available every day - call 0800 7836602

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